Zebra Hand Held Terminal Synchronizing with Miradore Server

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We currently have a SAMSUNG Hand Hand Terminal which we are trying to connect to Miradore. Due to the configuration setup all data from the site has to be passed back to our office network via VPN (IPSec) before being routed out our office firewall onto the Internet and the Miradore Server.

As part of the IPSec configuration we've allowed a number of google subnets and the subnet which the Miradore gateway IP resides in. On checking the firewalls and the VPN we can see plenty of traffic from the SAMSUNG handheld going out to the Internet but nothing going to the Miradore server on so the devices aren't registering with the Miradore server.

We've tried powering the device on and off as well as synch'ing the device but to no avail, it just doesnt want to send data to the IP address.

Has anybody else had this type of issue if using over a VPN connection, is there sonmething else that needs to be configured for this to register with the Miradore server?


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