Error: "Profile Installation Failed. The profile "com.miradore.profile' must be installed interactively" during the DEP enrollment

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We have received some support tickets regarding an error which occurs during the Apple DEP device enrollment. The error message is displayed as "Profile Installation Failed. The profile "com.miradore.profile' must be installed interactively". We are discovering that the issue only seems to happen to new-in-box devices that perform the iOS update as part of the setup. This issue should be fixed on the iOS 13.2.3. However, the error seems to be the iOS 13 related and quite popular at moment:

If you have experienced this, based on our research, the current workaround is restore the device via iTunes (must be in DFU/Recovery Mode):

Once restore is completed, you can proceed with the DEP enrollment again. Usually this workaround should help to get the device enrolled into Miradore.

UPDATE: Based on some reports, this issue only occurs when using Quick Start -option during the iOS setup. If you skip the "Quick Start" -setup option and select "Set Up Manually", log in to the Apple ID account and now selecting the option Restore from iCloud backup works fine.


Hopefully this is helpful.

- Jarkko / Miradore Online Support

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