Cannot Re Enroll Android company owned device - setup wants previous owner credentials

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a User "accidently" did a factory reset on his Android phone. Now, when i want to enroll the Device again, the Setup wants be to enter the play account credential from the owner. But this device was enrolled as company owned - so there ist just a managed google play account.

Is there any possibility to access the managed account crendentials so that i can continue with enrollment? Or any other way to make the device work again?

Device: HMD Global Nokia 5.1 with androidone (Oreo).

Matthias Wartenberg

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Sounds like Android's "FRP" (Facroty Reset Protection) has been activated. If the device has a normal personal Google account added to the Android device and factory reset has been done from the device's settings, the FRP is activated. If the factory reset has been done from Miradore (wipe or retire), the FRP will be disabled by Miradore.

The only way to be sure to prevent the FRP activation is to deny adding Google account by the end user:

- Configuration profiles > Android > Restrictions > Account management -tab > "Deny account management types" add to the list to deny adding Google account or select "Account modification - Denied" to deny adding/removing any account.

Hope this is helpful.

- Jarkko / Miradore Online Support

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