Please help! I want to delete my Account

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          Hello. Can I please know how to delete my account? I know that I could contact support but i use an iPhone which uses email accounts that are not associated with my account. I really want to use my real email but I do not know how to use it on my iPhone.

     So what I want to do is delete my Account PERMANENTLY by having a feature/option to delete my account. 

  Please add an option for me to delete my account since i used this account for testing uses. I already created a new account that is purely mine. This account (The one i am using) is a test account (And its obvious) since i really want to use the email associated with this account. I have total control over this email. Please let me delete this account.


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Can you do the following:

Log in with your account to Miradore Online:

Then open the Miradore Online site and click "Contact us" on the upper right corner on the page. There is a text box, where you can write this account removal request.

Posting your request through the "Contact us" form ensures two things:

  • the request is authorized (as you need to login with validated account credentials first)
  • our support gets the request linked to the sites so they can also remove the linked sites from the service




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