Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 forgot passcode

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Hi there,

We have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 (SM-T580) setup as a Miradore controlled device. Now the user has forgotten the passcode. The device doesn´t connect to the internet because no right passcode is being entered. Therefore, the "reset passcode" from Miradore MDM doesn´t effect or reach the device.

My only idea was to factory reset the device. However, all found instructions for "only with buttons - reset" don´t work.

Do you have a working method?


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Power off completely. Then try

  • Home and VolUp during powering on doesn't go into recovery  (then use volume keys to navigate the menu) to wipe the device
  • Home and VolDown when powering on doesn't take into Download mode to download new firmware via USB

Remember to hold the power key for a while when doing this. If these don't work, then I don't know what will.

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