iPads not updating

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I have followed the steps posted and none of my iPads will update to the newest version of iOS when the command is sent via Miradore's "Update Software". In the action log it shows as downloading but never changes. Its been days. Using Enterprise Miradore. Deployed WiFi and kiosk config as well as wifi restriction

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I assume the Kiosk mode is "the guilty" for this. Kiosk mode actually blocks all normal processes like app udates etc. very effectively. Please disable the Kiosk mode and then finish the iOS update > deploy Kiosk mode back to the device.

More about iOS update here: https://onlinesupport.miradore.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000313765-Software-update-for-iOS

Hopefully this helps you out.

- Jarkko / Miradore Online Support

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