Known issue: Some Apple devices stop reporting

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We have received some reports of cases where some Apple iOS devices have inexplicably become unmanaged and stopped reporting to Miradore Online. If this happens, the device's online status indicator turns gray and the Actions menu gets disabled on the device page.



Why this happens?

There are several reasons why an iPad or iPhone can become unmanaged in Miradore Online:

  • Someone wipes the device or unenrolls it from Miradore MDM.
  • User restores the device from a backup or re-installs the device's iOS operating system.
  • Apple Push Notification service's certificate expires. The APNs certificate needs to be renewed annually.
  • Apple Push Certificate has been "Revoked" by the admin for some reason in the Apple Push Certicates Portal.
  • Device's unique APNs token update fails for any reason.


How to fix and prevent recurrence

1. Re-install Miradore's MDM profile to the device.

 - Go to Infrastructure diagram in Miradore Online and export the MDM profile.

- Deliver the downloaded file to the device (via email for example) and run the file to install the MDM profile.

- Check the device status in Miradore Online again and run "Sync now" task from the device actions menu if its available.

2. If you use the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) to enroll devices, make sure to deny the MDM profile removal from the DEP enrollment profile settings.

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