Apple Push Certificate: Missing Apple ID?

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We have received quite a many tickets and chats regarding the Apple ID which has been used for creation of Apple Push Certificate. Apple does not provide the Apple ID for us so here is the process how to figure out the correct AppleID or how to move the existing Apple Push Certificate to another Apple ID.

Here is one of our customer's story about moving the Apple Push Certificate to another AppleID:

1. I sent an email to explaining the situation and what was my request for them.

2. They sent me an email asking me information about the company data the request was like this:


Thank you for contacting Apple Deployment Programs Support. My name is James, and I will be more than happy to assist you with this inquiry today.

I understand from your message that your APNS certificate is expiring soon, and the person who initially created it is no longer employed, and did not leave his Apple ID's log-in credentials that the certificate is registered to for you to renew it.

I understand how important it can be to get this renewed as soon as possible, so that you don’t loose access to those devices, and I will work diligently with you to help resolve this, posthaste.

To ensure that we fully understand your request, please address each item below. Be sure to include the certificate’s serial number, as it will be required to identify your certificate before we can proceed. You can obtain this by contacting your MDM provider directly, and requesting the registered certificates serial.

1. Are you requesting that we reassign a certificate that’s in use with a mobile device management solution?

2. What is the name, physical address, and URL of the organization that owns and operates the devices associated with this certificate?

3. Who obtained the certificate that your organization is currently using? (Is he or she still a member of your organization?)

4. What issue are you trying to resolve by reassigning the certificate?

The certificate serial number is required to identify it in our system. Please enter this number below; the additional information is helpful but not required.

Serial Number: (Can be found your Miradore Online site's Infrastructure diagram > Apple Push Certificate > Serial number)

Expiration date: (Can be found your Miradore Online site's Infrastructure diagram > Apple Push Certificate)

Subject DN: (Can be found your Miradore Online site's Infrastructure diagram > Apple Push Certificate > after CN=APSP: )

Current Apple ID:

For future contact, please provide your information:




Job title:

Employer’s name:

Department name:

Provide the target Apple ID as well as the name and contact information of the person who will manage the certificate.




Apple ID:

Please provide any additional information that you find relevant to your inquiry.

3. After sending this information they contacted me via phone and asked also the HR phone number to confirm that I work for my company.

4. Finally after they confirmed my identity and that I am working for the company they moved the certificate from one Apple ID to the other one.


Hopefully this article is helpful.


- Jarkko / Miradore Online Support

Miradore Support

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