How to prevent removal of Miradore agent on Android device

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I have a simple use case for Miradore, I want to track my devices and be able to inventory apps, push files, and do some minimal blacklisting, but I need to have the ability to prevent the uninstallation of the Miradore agent from the device. I don't care too much if they install their own apps or watch YouTube all night, I just want to know that the users of my devices can't abscond with them so I want to be able to track them 24/7. I want to prevent them from removing the agent from the device (Android) but still permit them to add/remove any other apps they may desire.


So far all I can see is a global prohibition from uninstalling any apps, I want to prevent uninstalling of the Miradore app itself. If it matters, this is not a Samsung device, and I do not and will not have Android Enterprise.


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Thank you for your post.

Android Enterprise's "Work managed device" aka "Device owner mode" is the only mode which prevents the Miradore Online client removal, as well as the ability to set the restrictions like Deny factory reset, Deny hard reset etc.

Unfortunately for non-Samsung Android devices it's not possible to prevent the Miradore Online client removal.

More here:


- Jarkko / Miradore Online Support

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