Android device owner enrollment shows an error "Play store is outdated"?

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When enrolling an older Android 5 device into device owner mode (work managed device), you may see following error occurring during the enrollment:



This error may occur when enrolling an Android device running Android version 5 to device owner mode (work managed device). Android Enterprise enrollment relies on Google Play Store and Play Services when creating the managed Google Play account needed for the management. Creating the account is not implemented in earlier Google Play Store versions, the minimum version required is: 7.1.11.I-all

So the managed account needed to connect Google Play Store cannot be created because of a too old Play Store version, and the device is not able to update the Play Store without an account for connecting the Play Store. This means the device ends up having a bit of a dependency loop there.

To break this loop, the only option is to add manually a Google account, which allows Play Store app to connect Play Store, retrieve the updates and enable managed account support on the device end.



Please notice, sometimes it may take a while on the Google backend to process the creation of the managed account. So before doing anything else, please use the "TRY AGAIN" button for few times (wait a bit between attempts). If this doesn't seem to help, please read forward.

As explained above, to finalize the enrollment you need to get the Play Store app updated to newer version supporting creation of managed accounts. You can try the following:

1. Open Play Store app on the device
2. You will be requested to add a Google account:

3. Type in the account details for any Google Account (or create a new one). This account will be used only for a short time on this device and removed from the device after the managed account has been created (see step 12).
4. If prompted for backing up device apps, data etc. to Google Account, it is maybe better to untick the box.

5. Skip payment settings ("Remind me later")
6. When the Google Play opens, go back to Miradore Online client and tap the "TRY AGAIN" button.
7. You may need to tap the button a couple of times, but then client view may change to look like this:

8. Use the "TRY AGAIN" in this client display to initiate the managed account creation.
9. When account creation starts, Miradore Online client will show this:
You may notice from the notification area (top bar) that the device updates also some built-in components (such as Play Store related libraries and such).

10. When managed account creation is ready, the client should look like this:

11. Open device Settings, locate Accounts and under accounts you should see:

12. As a final step, open the "Google" account and remove it so that the only account left is the "Managed Account".

Lassi Pekkarinen (Miradore)

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