Miradore Online DEP Using Apple Business Manager (new users)

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  1. Scroll down to Infrastructure Diagram on the right side of screen go to Apple DEP and hover over it
  2. Click Configure
  3. Download Certificate and click next - See Apple BM Step 1
  4. Click next from Step 2 of 5 - see apple BM step 2
  5. Select Upload Server token and select the file previously downloaded (p7m file)
  6. Once it uploads hit next then configure
  7. Finally hit close
Apple Business Manager
  1. Open a new tab and sign in to Apple Business Manager - GO to business.apple.com/#main/mdmservers - Step 4 Miradore
  2. Add a new MDM server 
    1. Provide a name (for example Companies Miradore MDM)
    2. Uncheck Allow this MDM Server to Release Devices
    3. Click on Upload Public key (select dep-public-key.crt)
    4. Select Save on the bottom right of Apple BM screen
    5. On MDM screen select Get Token and Download it
    6. Back to Miradore Step 5
Jay Martinez

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