Why the action "Create managed Google account" is stuck to "In progress" after Work managed provisioning?

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We have received some support cases about "Create managed Google account" being stuck to status "In progress" after the Work managed device (Device Owner Mode) provisioning. Usually there is two separate reason for this:

1. scenario) Frequently the reason for this is the Restriction configuration profile's "Account modification - Denied" -option which has been added to the active Business policy.

Now when the device is provisioned to Work managed device mode, the Business policy deploys the Restrction profile firstly to the device - before the managed Google account is created. Basically that's why the managed Google account creation stuck to "In progress". We know this is not ideal but however we can provide a workaround for that:

1. Remove the whole Restriction profile from the existing Business policy.

2. Create new Business policy and add that Restriction into that new Business policy only.

3. Add a tag for that Business policy like e.g. "rest"

4. When the managed Google account has been created to the device and the device seems to be ok about the app deployments, add the tag "rest" to the device. Now the Business policy deploys the Restriction to the device.

We have also a developent task to fix that usability issue but we can't give the timetable right now.

2. scenario) Google allows that no more than 10 devices can be assigned to one user. If there is more than 10 devices assiged to the same managed Google account, the account creation won't go thru (stuck "In progress"). Please assign the device to some other user or create a new user and run action "Create managed Google Play account/work profile" again then.

Hopefully this is helpful.

 - Jarkko / Miradore Online Support

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