My Huawei device shows offline in Miradore Online

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Huawei devices running Android versions 5 or 6 may have a built-in battery saver options, which may cause Miradore Online client to be stopped when the device goes into screen saver mode. As Miradore Online client is stopped, it will also cease the device management functionalities on this device. In practice it means the device will no more report to the Miradore Online service and it does not receive any commands from there, not even if using the Sync now option on Miradore Online user interface. If client application is opened manually on the device end, the client will keep running until the device enters the screen saver mode again.



We are investigating the options to prevent this battery saver functionality to affect Miradore Online client, but meanwhile here is a workaround:
  1. On the device, open Settings > Apps > Miradore Online client
  2. Open Battery options
  3. Check option "Keep running after screen off" and switch it to position where the application keeps running after screen off. (Please note, the option name may differ between Huawei device models and versions)
After this setting change the Miradore Online client should stay running on all times.
Lassi Pekkarinen (Miradore)