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Hello, I came across your site and I´d really like to implement your solution to our devices, however I need to know how many data does Miradore Online app take?
thanks in advance!

Stephanie Choi

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Hi, thank you for your question. When referring to Miradore Online app I assume you mean the Miradore Online client app for Android. Please correct me if this was not the correct assumption. I will also explain the data use for both the client installation and the normal use of Miradore Online mobile device management.

When installed, Miradore Online client for Android installer needs to be transferred to the device. This installer is small, size is less than 1,5 MB. So this amount of data is transferred through the network connection. After the installation, the client requires approximately 10 MB of storage space for the application itself plus the needed local data files and cache.

When being used, the client connects the Miradore Online service with a standard polling interval. This naturally transfers data through the network connection. Amount of data used in this polling of course varies between devices (is the device always on and connected to network, is it restarted often, etc.) but on average this normal polling traffic takes around 80 kB per day (so about 2,4 MB a month).

The rest of network data use comes then from how do you use Miradore Online. For example, if you use the application deployment, all the installed applications need to be transferred to the device over the network and the data use depends on their sizes. The same goes also with the file transfer, used data depends on the files you need to transfer to the device. Configuration profile deployments, security actions etc. also use the network, but the data use is not comparable with the application and file deployments.

So, to sum up: the network data used is the polling data (80kB/day) + the use of features.

I hope this answers your question. Please let me know if you need more information on some part.



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