How to install F-Secure Freedome for Business using Miradore Online?

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Some customers have asked us how they can deploy F-Secure Freedome for Business clients to their mobile devices using Miradore Online. The installation itself was working OK, but the challenge has been the client configuration. Installed client needs to be configured and this configuration includes for example the license code needed to activate the features.

Here is how the deployment works on Android:

  1. Create a license file "license.xml" used to configure the installed client. Find the instructions from F-Secure's documentation: (Freedome for Business with External MDM > Registering client devices)
  2. Follow the F-Secure's instructions above and use Miradore Online's file deployment to transfer this license file to mobile devices (one of the locations documented by F-Secure). See: How to Deploy Files
  3. Install Freedome for Business clients to mobile devices from Google Play (or with an .APK if you have one).
  4. Installed client will find the license file and configure itself.


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An update on this topic (13.04.2018).

Notice: In order to automate the configuration of F-Secure Freedome for Business, please make sure you have subscription of Freedome for Business for External MDM. F-Secure has also subscription called Freedome for Business but that cannot be configured using an external MDM solution, such as Miradore Online, but it relies on F-Secure's own MDM solution.

F-Secure has updated their documentation and now there are already document sections iOS (app managed configurations) as well as for Android (licence XML and Install referrer). Android application configuration can be automated also using Android Enterprise's Managed Google Play deployment, but that is still missing from F-Secure's documentation, hopefully they will get it there soon. While waiting for that I will describe the Android Enterprise options at the end of this post.

Link to F-Secure documentation:

Most comprehensive instructions can be found by following link "F-Secure Freedome for Business with Miradore Online training material" under "Related topics" section. This document has also screenshot images about the Miradore Online configurations and explains where to find the needed information on F-Secure PSB portal.


Configuring Freedome with Android Enterprise

Adding application to Miradore Online

1. On the Miradore Online administration portal, select Mobile Management > Applications from the left pane menu.

2. In the Actions menu on the right, select Add application. The Add application wizard opens

3. In the Add application wizard, do the following:

  • In step 1, select Android and then Next.
  • In step 2, select Managed Google Play store and then Next.
  • In step 3, select Search and approve applications.

4. The Google Play search window opens.

  • In the Google Play search window, search for
  • Open application from the search results.
  • Select Approve.
  • Select Approve again to approve the permissions.
  • The Approval settings question select Keep approved when app requests new permissions and then Save.
  • Close Google Play search window with Close.

Configuring Managed Google Play application

1. On the Miradore Online administration portal, select Mobile Management > Applications from the left pane menu.

2. Open the application F-Secure Freedome for Business (notice that the application type is Managed Google Play store)

3. On the application page, select Configuration tab

4. Under Available configurations

  • Select link Add after PSB registration key (string)
  • Value: Enter your subscription key

5. Under Available configurations

  • Select PSB server address (string)
  • Value: Enter the address of the Protection Service for Business URL from your PSB subscription details (see F-Secure documentation link above for instructions how to find this)

6. To add user details, add any of following configuration values (Tip: User details can help you to identify devices in PSB.)

Configuration                           User variable

First name (optional) (string) Select User > Firstname

Last name (optional) (string) Select User > Lastname

Email address (optional) (string) Select User > Email address

Phone number (optional) (string) Select User > Phone number

7. To force users to keep the VPN turned on all the time, add also configuration:

  • Force protection (bool)
  • Value: Check the box

Important: If VPN connections are blocked, this setting may block all connections to the internet.

Note: The VPN can still be turned off from the device settings unless you prevent that with the general MDM settings.


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Additional tip: if you want to pass device IMEI value as an identifier to the F-Secure PSB portal, this works with iOS and Android Enterprise. See examples below.




Android Enterprise (Managed Google Play store):


This is how it looks in the PSB portal. (Notice, select the Device information view):

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