Is there a way to change my login account email?


Hi all, can I change my login account that i first registered with? I used my personal email address for testing, but now I would like to use my company email. Is there a way to do this?

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You didn't mention your subscription (Free, Business, Enterprise), so I will explain both of the cases below:

In Business and Enterprise subscriptions you can easily invite new administrators to your site from view System > Permissions. Just invite the new account you would like to use and after that account has been taken into use, remove the old one if you like. (More info:

In Free plan there can be only one administrator account, so changing the account requires a bit of our help. Do the following:

  1. login into your Miradore Online site
  2. click Contact us at upper right corner of the screen and type there your request (including old account email address and new account email address) and send it to us
  3. our support will generate an admin invite email and sent it to the new admin account's email
  4. open the email and follow the link to activate your new account
  5. login to your site with the new account, verify that everything seems to work OK and inform us that you've taken the new account into use (so we know to disable the old account)

More information about Miradore Online subscriptions:

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