Error: "No device was found for the given id."

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"No device was found for given ID" is a generic error from Google. Usually the error is due to issues or lag in Google's end. The device is not yet registered to Google's service even though it is properly enrolled in Miradore Online. You can also check the device's status on the Users view:

  • Double click to open the user > on "Managed Google Play account” tab, section "Devices" > If that field is empty, the device is not registered to the Google's service yet. We would recommend to monitor that status and try the app deployment again, a bit later.

Workaround: If the app deployment still fails, you can remove the managed Google account from the devices end:

  • Settings > Accounts > remove the "Work account"


  • From Miradore Online's Devices -view > Select the device and run action "Remove managed Google Play account"

Then re-create the managed account in Devices -view in Miradore Online's UI:

  • Go to the Devices view > select the device > click action "Create managed Google account/work profile". After that you should be able to deploy managed apps properly.
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