Samsung devices sound issues (includes workaround)

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We have received some reports that after activating Device administration and enabling Samsung Knox management on Miradore Online client has started some audio problems on the device. The phone may not anymore ring for an incoming call. This happens because the ringtone actually goes into earpiece of the phone instead of the main speaker. Also other issues, such as problems in playing a sound on a device, can be encountered.

Our original announcement can be found here:


- UPDATE 11.5.2017 -

 Based on several Samsung sound issues:

- There seem to be a problem on the KNOX API

- The Problem also happen if you use Android for Enterprise


- It won't happen if you don't agree the KLMS-Agent Licence Agreement (This is necessary for KNOX)

So Workaround for the Customers using Android for Enterprise (not KNOX) - Don't Agree these Licence thing. If you do these errors will occour and you have to reset the device to fix it by don't agree to the KLMS Thing.

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