How to enroll Blackview BV6000s into Android device owner mode?

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We have been asked a quite a few times, whether it is possible to enroll Blackview BV6000s devices into Android device owner mode. BV6000s is a rugged Android device suitable for many types of business uses, but it has been missing the needed device management capabilities available as part of Android for Work device owner mode.

Now there seems to be a solution for this problem. It appears that BV6000s supports the Android device owner mode in latter Android updates, but the challenge has been to get the Android platform updated. At least our test devices did not find any Android over-the-air (OTA) updates, but the trick was to install the latest Android version via a ROM update.


Here is how we got a Blackview BV6000s enrolled into device owner mode.

Before doing anything else, test if the device owner enrollment already works on your device. See instructions here.

If the enrollment does not work, you can try to update the Android platform on the device. Easiest way to do this would be the wireless update via device menu

Settings > About phone > Wireless Update > Check for updates

Unfortunately this didn't work on our test devices, they just told no new updates were available.

Next thing to try is the ROM update:

  1. See the flashing instructions on Blackview's discussion board:
  2. Download "SP Flash Tool" linked on the instruction document. The download page is quite messy, but the following link provided the software in our tests:

  3. Unzip the SP Flash Tool into a Windows computer.

  4. Download and install "MT67xx USB VCOM DRIVERS" mentioned in the instructions.

  5. Connect the Blackview BV6000s device (powered on) with the computer using an USB data cable. Wait for the driver installation to finish and check that the device drivers look functional in Windows Device Manager:
  6. Download the ROM update from the Blackview discussion board ("Official ROM download links (only for MT6737T)"):
  7. Please note, that the only ROM version that we were able to update to the device was this:

    BV6000s_Blackview_20170711 (Google certified. Based on Android 7.0)!QehjDTCZ!QppiYsTrPrCQFDKeiLJUGeb9XBvG6_TAXF9a1Rb8vjc

    (other ROMs seemed to be installed, but after device restart the Android platform was not updated)

  8. Unzip the downloaded ROM's zip file into the computer local drive.

  9. Power off the BV6000s device.

  10. Start the "SP Flash Tool" application by double-clicking the executable flash_tool.exe located at the unzipped folder

  11. Follow the flashing instructions to update device with the new ROM version. The scatter-loading file referred in the instructions can be found from folder of the unzipped ROM (for example ..\20170711_cs2v37t_jk\20170711_cs2v37t_jk\MT6737T_Android_scatter.txt)

    Please note, that the instructions recommend backing up the device data before flashing with new ROM.

  12. After flashing is ready, our test devices started up as Android 7.0 and they offered an OTA update via the device menu Settings > About phone > Wireless Update > Check for updates

  13. After installing the OTA update, the device supported enrollment into device owner mode (using a QR code). See enrollment instructions here.

In case you have a large number of devices to update, you need to follow only steps 9 - 13 on them.

Please note that the ROM updates mentioned here apply only for BV6000s devices with MT6737T chipset. If your Blackview device model differs from this, please find an applicable ROM update for it. Flashing device with incompatible ROM may brick the device useless.


Lassi Pekkarinen (Miradore)