How to tell if my device supports work profiles (aka Android for Work)?

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Although devices running Android version 5.0 or later should support the enterprise management features of Android (formerly known as Android for Work, or Android for Enterprise), some device manufacturers have not been able to implement the support on all of their device models yet. The situation has improved a lot through time as manufacturers have implemented new Android versions to their models. In addition, they are under pressure to get these management capabilities in place for their business customers.

How to test if your device supports the Android enterprise management features?

  1. Open Google Play store on the device to be tested.
  2. Locate and install a test application called Test DPC
  3. App installs two shortcuts. Tap the one called "Set up Test DPC"

  4. On next screen, tap "SET UP"
  5. If you can see following screen, the device supports the management profiles.

  6. In case the device does not support management profiles, it will show an error such as this:

    Seeing en error message here means the device is not compatible with the enterprise management features.


If you are about to purchase a number of Android devices for your organization, Google has a listing of device models that should support these enterprise management features:

Please note the disclaimer, the list is based on information provided by device manufacturers. In practice this means that before buying a large amount of devices, it is highly recommended that you test one device to see if the selected model is compatible.

For more information about managing Android at work with Miradore Online, please see related documentation here.

Lassi Pekkarinen

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