How to configure Office 365 email (Exchange Online) on Android using managed Google Play application

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Here is a short instruction how to configure your company email running on Office 365 / Exchange Online to an Android device using the managed application configurations. This is the way how you need to configure the email in case the device is a non-Samsung device and enrolled with work profile or device owner mode enrollment.

  1. Select and add the managed Google Play application to be used as email client. Even if it would sound logical to use "Microsoft Outlook" app to do this, it unfortunately doesn't support any remotely managed configurations. So in this case, I ended up to using the good old Google GMail app. So add the app like this:
    - open Applications view and run action Add application
    - Select Android platform and Managed Google Play store as the application type

    - Browse the application from the Google Play store apps:

    - Approve the application

  2. Open the created application page and configure the settings on Configuration tab

    Notice that you can use variables for settings which depend on the device user (like email address). These variables will be replaced with the end user's settings at the time of the application deployment. Settings are read from the device's responsible person's item in Miradore Online (uses same email account configurations as explained in Using user-specific settings with configuration profiles)

  3. For Office 365 / Exchange Online mailbox, the configuration should look like this:

    It uses the end user's email account data in variables $MailForExchangeEmailAddress$ and $MailForExchangeUserName$, which are retrieved from the user item page fields under Mail for Exchange (tab):

  4. Deploy the application to a device (enrolled to work profile or device owner mode).
  5. Run the GMail application, it should ask for the password and connect the mailbox after typing it in.




Lassi Pekkarinen (Miradore)