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I have an android device that was enrolled, with the client and policy's. It was mistakenly deleted from Mirador mobile management.  I can re-sync on he device, and it shows connected.  But the device entry is missing from the device manager.  I cannot uninstall the client on the device to re-enroll.   When attempting to re-enroll in the manager it just stays with the queued status.

Gary Kruger

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Hi Gary.


If the Miradore Online client application is still in the device even after e.g. the unenrollment, here are the instructions how to remove the client from the device's end:

  1. Open Settings and navigate to Security > Device Administrators.
  2. Select Miradore Online client and tap Deactivate.
  3. Open Settings and navigate to Applications > Manage Applications.
  4. Select Miradore Online client, and tap Uninstall.

or in the newer Android's:

  • Just go Settings > Lock screen and security > scroll down Other security settings > Device Administrators > Miradore Online client > slide that off. After that you should be able to remove the client.

Hopefully this helps you out. Please let us know if you were meant something else.


Best regards,
Jarkko / Miradore Online support

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