Error: “Failed to update devices" when trying to update the Apple DEP devices

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We have received some tickets regarding Apple DEP devices updating error in Miradore Online. The error message has been "Failed to update devices". If you have experienced this, please try the following:

Firstly, login to your Apple Business Manager portal to see if the "Terms of Service" has updated. If the updated Terms of Service have not been accepted, the action "Update devices" in Miradore Online's Apple DEP view will fail.

After that, could you check that the DEP token is not expired (go to the Miradore Online > Infrastructure diagram > "Apple Device Enrollment Program"). That option is in RED if it's expired. If the DEP token is expired you'll have to renew it.

Secondly, have you clicked the "download token" button in the DEP? Another reason can be the DEP token which is installed in Miradore Online is not the latest one and does not match the token in DEP. You will then have to upload the latest DEP token to the Miradore Online.

  • To go through the Renewal of the DEP token: Go to Miradore Online > Infrastructure diagram > "Apple Device Enrollment Program" > click Renew and follow the wizard. After that, the DEP update should work properly.

Also, if the updated DEP terms & conditions have not been agreed to, that could also cause a failed message when you e.g. update the devices:


Hopefully this is helpful.

Miradore Online Support