Enabling BitLocker for Windows 10


BitLocker is an encryption program for Windows devices. Encryption is a way to protect your system against unauthorized access and keep your data safe and secure. This article describes how you can enable BitLocker for your Windows 10 devices with Miradore's advanced application feature. Advanced application is a software and script distribution method for Windows devices that have Miradore Online Client installed.


  • Enterprise plan of Miradore.
  • The feature is supported for Windows 10 Pro devices enrolled with Miradore Online Client. 

How to use an advanced application to enable BitLocker

Before you start, dowload the BitLocker script to you device from here.

1. Start application creation wizard by going to Management > Applications and press Add > Windows application. And when the wizard opens, select Advanced as the application type.



2.  Enter the basic information: a name and description for the application. Select File upload as the media type.



3.  If you haven't already downloaded the BitLocker script to your device, please do so. You may find the script from here. After the download is completed, select the script, EnableBitLocker.ps1, as the file and go to the next step.


4. Next, select Execute PowerShell as the command type, type “.\EnableBitLocker.ps1” as the PowerShell script and press Create.



5. At the last step, the summary about the created advanced application is shown. You can exit the wizard by pressing Close.


How to deploy the created application

1. Go to Management > Applications and double-click on the application name or press the arrow at the end of the row to open the application.



2. Start deployment from the green Deploy button or use Business policies to deploy it to devices having certain tag(s).



Miradore collects inventory information about the BitLocker encryption status from the enrolled Windows computers. Read more about viewing the BitLocker encryption status of your Windows computers in Miradore.




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