2020-04-21 Release note - Kiosk mode for Android devices


Dedicate Android devices into a specific use with Kiosk mode configuration

This Miradore release brings new configuration profile for Fully managed (aka Device owner mode) Android devices running version 9.0 or above. The new Kiosk mode configuration allows admins to lock down a device into a single application and prevent users from changing any device settings, restarting the device or perfoming other actions on the device. The Kiosk mode devices can be utilized, for example, in logistics or as info screens and vending machines.


Learn more from Android Kiosk mode.


Minor improvements and bug fixes

This update includes also some small UI improvements and bug fixes:

  • Added Refresh button to the Action log tab of the Device page (Management > Devices > Device page).
  • Unified how the Windows 10 Software version is shown.
  • The Management type information on Windows devices is now more descriptive.
  • Finetuning the Android device enrollment wizard by clarifying the purpose of the Device administrator management type.

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