Viewing the BitLocker disk encryption status of your Windows computers


Miradore Client collects inventory information of the BitLocker drive encryption status from Windows 7, 8, and 10 devices that you have enrolled in Miradore.


Dashboard widgets show the overall status of BitLocker usage

You can analyze the overall usage of BitLocker encryption on your Windows devices on the dashboard at: Home > Dashboard > Windows. Click Show report from the widget's top-right corner to see a list view of the devices included in the report.


(C:) BitLocker encryption status

How many of your Windows computers' C-drives have BitLocker encryption enabled or disabled. Unknown means that the inventory information is not available.

(C:) BitLocker encryption method

Which encryption algorithm and key has been used to encrypt the C-drives. The number in brackets means the count of C-drives encrypted using the particular method.

BitLocker encryption status, local drives

The amount of local drives in your Windows computers which have BitLocker encryption enabled or disabled.


Read also about how to enable BitLocker to your Windows 10 Pro devices using an advanced application feature in Miradore.

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