2020-03-26 Release Notes - Drive encryption capabilities


Here's a short summary of the new features and improvements released today.


FileVault disk encryption for macOS

FileVault is a disk encryption program in macOS systems which can be used to encrypt the system disk on macOS devices on-the-fly.

With Miradore, it is now possible to enforce the activation of FileVault disk encryption for Miradore managed macOS devices remotely using a configuration profile. There is also a dashboard widget which shows the FileVault status in your managed macOS devices.


For more information, please see FileVault disk encryption for macOS.


Reporting of BitLocker encryption status

Miradore now collects inventory information on the status of BitLocker drive encryption from Windows 7, 8, and 10 devices which have a Miradore Client installed.

You can analyze the BitLocker encryption status with the widgets which you can access through Home > Dashboard > Windows. The drive-specific recovery keys and more details about encryption can be found from the Inventory tab of a Device page.


 For more information, please see Viewing the BitLocker encryption status of your Windows computers.


Business policies now support advanced Windows software

Miradore business policies are now compatible with advanced Windows applications - a feature released in February this year. This means you can attach Windows software or scripts to business policies and they will get automatically deployed to your Windows computers matching with the business policy scope.


Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • There are now lock icons in the navigation menu on those pages that you can unlock by upgrading your Miradore subscription.

  • You can now add Serial number column to the Devices tab on the Business policy page.

  • Due to device wake-up scheduling, device status was sometimes shown as yellow. This is now fixed.

  • Retry button's icon in the Device page's Action log was misleading because it looked like a refresh button. Therefore the button was replaced with Retry text.

  • Adding device identifier through the User page failed if the device identifier was linked with a deleted user. This has been now fixed so that device identifiers will be removed when a user is deleted.

  • Configuration profile's Modified date didn't get updated earlier if you changed the profile settings. Now it does, which should ease troubleshooting if the new settings would cause problems.

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