Enroll an Android device in fully managed device mode using a token


Android 6 and later devices can be enrolled into Miradore in fully managed device mode using the afw#miradore token.



  • Android 6 or later
  • Only new or factory reset devices can be enrolled in device owner mode
  • Enrollment credentials (create before the enrollment in Miradore)

If you are using the Enterprise version of Miradore and you are interested in using the application management features for Android, then it is recommended to configure the managed Google Play Enterprise for your Miradore site before enrolling the devices.


Good to know

System apps will be always disabled from devices when this method is used to enroll the devices.

Administrators can create the enrollment credentials using the Enrollment > Create enrollment credentials button on the Company > Users page in Miradore.


Fully managed devices are tagged with device owner tag during the enrollment in Miradore. Miradore also creates a managed account to each device during the enrollment if a user has been assigned to the device on Miradore AND managed Google Play Enterprise has been enabled for the Miradore site.


How to launch the token enrollment (on the device)

Miradore's enrollment token afw#miradore must be entered in the device's setup screen where the setup wizard asks to enter the email or phone.


This launches managed Google Play accounts method and downloads a Miradore Client to the device. Miradore Client asks user's consent for provisioning the device as the company managed device and installs our client as device owner.

During the enrollment, the user is asked to enter the enrollment credentials.



How to prevent users from removing the management

Factory reset is the only way how users can remove management from fully managed Android devices.

Administrators can prevent device users from performing a factory reset on fully managed Android devices using a Miradore configuration profile.

See Preventing factory reset on fully managed Android devices


Other enrollment methods

Enroll an Android device in fully managed device mode using a QR code

Enroll an Android device in fully managed device mode using NFC

Android zero-touch enrollment

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