Safety feature for disabling restrictions for Android


In Miradore there is a safety feature for disabling restrictions deployed to Android device. It is possible to get the device to a deactivated state by deploying restrictions with certain combinations. For example, a configuration that blocks both cellular data and Wi-Fi usage stops all data traffic. In this case, Miradore Client on a device will no longer be able to contact the Miradore server and the configurations can't be removed through Miradore.

If such a configuration is deployed to Android device, you can remove the configuration manually.

1. In Miradore, go to Management > Devices and open the device page. On the Main tab of the device page, there is a table named Miradore client under which there is a device-specific security code displayed.


Note! Sometimes there is a need to disable restrictions from devices that are already removed from the active use. In this case the security code is found from the device page in Company > Retired devices.

2. You can use this security code to disable the configuration by opening Miradore Client on the device, then going to settings and selecting Disable restrictions. The client will prompt for a security code.


3. After entering the code, all active restrictions will be removed.

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