What data Miradore collects and why


The purpose of the data collection

Miradore has been designed for organizations and service providers as a tool to make device management simple and efficient. To fullfill this task, Miradore needs permissions to specified content on the device. By providing automatically collected and relevant information about the managed devices, Miradore helps the administrators to ensure that all devices are properly aligned with the organization's security standards and policies. 

What data is collected

Mainly, Miradore collects data for identifying a device and to provide accurate inventory data about it. The focus of the data collection is on the managed device's technical inventory information, including specific information about the device hardware and its configuration, as well as the installed applications and usage statistics. However, the processing and storing of personal data can't be entirely avoided. For the data security, Miradore follows generally accepted industry standards to protect the information submitted to us, both during the transmission and when we receive it.

On our Privacy Policy, there are clear specifications on what data Miradore collects about users, who is allowed to access the data, what we use it for. You can also find the information about how to contact our Privacy officer in case you have any further questions or requests considering your data in Miradore.

Access Permissions

Sometimes device users are worried whether somebody can access their contacts, call details, messages, files or photos through Miradore. This is not possible for anyone. Usually this concern comes up when users are requested to grant the management solution a set of permissions, to certain device tools, that are not always so self-explanatory. 

Often permissions are handled as bundles and in order to access to some individual tool or data, granting the permission to entire group is needed. How the access permissions are requested, depends on the device platform. With some platforms, the device enrollment to Miradore is suspended, if the requested access permissions are not granted.

Next, as an example, the requested permissions of Android platform are described in more detail. Here it is explained why certain permissions are needed and what can or can't be done. These principles can be applied to all platforms.



Miradore needs camera permissions for collecting inventory information about the device's camera, including megapixels, flash and focal length.

If you deny this permission group, the inventory data about the camera cannot be automatically gathered.

Miradore can't be used to take pictures or videos with the camera of the managed device.


Miradore needs permission to contacts for writing contact information to the devices' contact lists.

If you deny this permission group, deploying the contact information to managed devices remotely with Miradore can't be done.

Miradore can't read any contact information from the managed devices.

Files and photos

Miradore needs access to the file system for several reasons:

  • For writing a log file, which is useful in troubleshooting technical issues
  • Enabling the IT admin to deploy files or applications remotely with Miradore to the devices.

Denying this permission group is not recommended, because many of the essential device management features needs this permission.

Miradore can't be used to access personal files or photos located on the managed devices.


Location data allows administrators to track the location of devices on a map. This is very powerful feature for finding lost phones.

Miradore doesn't collect location data about the devices by default, but administrator can enable the feature when device user has granted the permission for the management solution.

Phone calls

Miradore needs the phone call permissions for reading the device's IMEI code and phone number, which are used to identify the device and the inserted SIM card.

Denying this permission is not recommended, because it is required for reliable identification of devices.

Miradore can't be used to make phone calls with managed devices: additionally, it does not collect any information about phone calls made with the managed device.

Text messages

Miradore needs to access text messages to pass the device's SMS enrollment information.

If you deny this permission, the device enrollment with SMS won't work.

Miradore doesn't read the contents of text messages in managed devices, and does not send any text messages from the managed devices.

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