Device management in Miradore


With Miradore, administrators may remotely manage organization's devices in a secure and easy way. This article introduces some of the key management features in Miradore. If you are interested in seeing the full feature list, check our plans and pricing table.


  • You have created Miradore site for your company and followed the steps in document Getting started with Miradore.
  • The basic device management features are available for all subscription plans, but the paid subscriptions offer features for advanced management.

Monitor your infrastructure with dashboards and reports

Dashboards offer you an easy access to the information of your device environment with graphs and charts. You may check the inventory data gathered from the devices, or you can create customized reports with the report builder. Read the article "Dashboards and reports" and learn more about these monitoring possibilities.

Secure your data and devices

Miradore security features will help you to protect your company data and devices, as well as keep them compliant with the company policies and your regional regulations, such as GDPR in Europe. Here are some security features of Miradore:

  • Lock or wipe a device remotely and prevent the misuse of the device and company data, in case it is stolen or lost.
  • Deploy the passcode policy to the devices, in order to protect the device data.
  • Remotely clear or reset the password of the device, when necessary.

Read more about security features offered in Miradore.

Configure devices remotely

Configuration profiles ease the configuration process of your devices. You do not have to set up each device at time; instead, you may store the desired settings as configuration profiles and easily apply these to one or multiple devices. Configuration profiles can be deployed to a device remotely, and even automatically. Some features you may implement with configuration profiles:

  • Network settings
  • Passcode requirements
  • Email settings
  • Restrictions, like preventing users from using unwanted applications on the device

Configurable settings may vary to some extent between different platforms. Please read more about configuration profiles from our knowledge base.

Application and content management

With Miradore's application management, you can remotely install in-house applications or applications from the platform-specific application stores to your devices. Together with configuration profiles and business policies, you can control which applications device users can install, block applications from devices with application blacklisting and even automate the installation of applications and configurations (see Business policies). Get familiar with the application management feature, and find out more also about application management on different platforms:

With Miradore, you may deploy files to your Android devices as well as certificates to your iOS and macOS devices. Upload the files and certificates to the system and deploy them remotely to multiple devices at once. You may also automate the deployment with Miradore business policies. Read more about deploying files and certificates from our knowledge base.

Patch management for Windows

You can keep your Windows computers running smoothly and securely with the patch management feature of Miradore. Miradore provides automation for patching Windows operating systems and third-party software, thus helping you to keep your Windows computers updated. If you are interested in improving the management of your Windows computers, please read more about patch management.

Automate with business policies

Business policy is a tool for ensuring that devices are compliant with company policies and security regulations. With business policy enforcement, you can automatically deploy configuration profiles and applications, files and certificates to the group of managed devices. A business policy can contain multiple configuration profiles and/or applications and it can be assigned to all or just a limited group of devices. To start using the business policies, read further information from the related support articles.


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