How to assign users to their devices in Miradore


Besides keeping track of which devices exist in your environment, you probably also want to know who are using these devices. User related data, such as email and VPN accounts, is used for the device enrollment and utilized for the configuration profiles in Miradore. Additionally, important functions, such as installing Managed Google Play applications, rely on the user assignment being completed.

The easiest way to link users and devices, is to add device users to Miradore before enrolling any device. You can either add users to the system one by one or import them from CSV file or Microsoft Active Directory. Please, read more instructions from the article "Adding a user".

At the end of this article there are also some advice how you can assign a user to a device after the enrollment.


Assigning a user before device enrollment

1. Enrollment with user's credentials.

When device is enrolled to Miradore with user's credentials, the link between a user and a device is created automatically during the enrollment. This kind of enrollment can be done using:

  • Enrollment wizard with Android, iOS/macOS and management type Full for Windows (Enrollment > Enroll device)
  • Send enrollment message or Create enrollment credentials -actions (Company > Users > Enrollment)

You may read more about device enrollment from our support documentation.

2. Using device identifiers

If you are enrolling your devices with mass enrollment, including Apple DEP, management type Light for Windows, Android Enterprise QR code, NFC or USB enrollment, you need to create a link between a user and a potential device separately. These links are created by using user's email address and device identifier, such as serial number, IMEI or UDID.

Download these device identifiers to the system with the action Import from CSV > Device identifiers found under Import dropdown button in Company > Users.


It is also possible to add device identifiers for a single user at the user's page.



3. Assign device -action for Apple DEP devices

For Apple DEP devices you can also pre-assign users one by one to their devices with Assign device action in Apple DEP view (Enrollment > Apple DEP).


Assigning a user after device enrollment

If users need to be assigned to their devices after the enrollment, it can be done manually. This might be the case, for example, if Android devices are enrolled with QR code (Device owner mode of management) before users exist in the system.

Go to Management > Devices in Miradoreopen the device page and edit the user field at tab Settings.



Another solution for assigning a user to a device after enrollment is to use Miradore API. Please, see the documentation for further details.

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