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2019-10-03 VPP application issues

Due to the unexpected circumstances, some of our Miradore customers have been facing problems with VPP licenced applications. These problems does not affect devices, assigned licences and application on the devices.

Some problems related to VPP applications:

  • Application view doesn't contain VPP applications.
  • VPP applications might have disappeared from Business policies.
  • Device page's Application deployments -table doesn't contain links to VPP applications.

We are working on to solve these issues. In case, you have faced these problems on your site, please contact to our support: support.online@miradore.com or send a support ticket via "Contact us" -form on your site. 

EDIT 8.10.2019: This issue has now been fixed. If you still face problems with VPP, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please send comments to contact@miradore.com.