Viewing available and installed patches for Windows devices


Miradore automatically maintains a list of patches and updates available for Microsoft Windows and third-party software. Using that list, Miradore scans the patching status of all Windows devices enrolled to your Miradore.

This article describes where you can find the listing of available patches and see the patching status of your Windows devices.


List of available patches and patch details

All patches and software updates supported by Miradore are listed on the Management > Patches > Patches page. Notice that, by default, the page shows only patches which are applicable to some of your devices. You can remove the filter from the Applicable devices column if you want to see also patches which are not applicable to your currently managed Windows devices.


More detailed information about each patch is available at the Patch page which can be opened by double-clicking on the patch title or by clicking the arrow icon at the rightmost end of the row.


On the patch page, there is a link (in the Bulletin ID field) to an external web page which provides more detailed information about the patch. The Related products table, on the other hand, shows products which products the patch applies. You can use the Show only detected products check box to filter the table contents so that it only shows the products that Miradore has detected from your managed Windows devices.

Installations per device widget shows the applicability and installation status of the patch in your environment.


Overall patching status of Windows devices in your environment

You can analyze the overall patching status of your Windows devices at: Home > Dashboard > Select Dashboard > Windows. See widget explanations below the image.



Windows patch status overview

This widget shows how many Windows devices you have in different patching statuses. Only Windows devices managed with a Miradore Windows Client are included in this widget. You can open a list of the included devices by clicking on the widget segments.

  • Up-to-date means that the device has all applicable patches installed.
  • Critical means that Miradore has identified at least one critical patch which is not installed on the device.
  • Vulnerable means that the device has all critical patches installed, but is missing at least one patch with lesser severity (e.g. Important or Moderate).
  • Unknown means that the device is in the scope of patch management, but its patching status hasn't yet been scanned.

Windows patch status per device

Each square in this widget represents a single Windows device in your environment. Click on a square to open the device details. The color of the square indicates the patching status of the device.

Overall patching status

This widget shows the overall patching status of your Windows devices. The overall status is critical if any of your Windows devices is missing a critical patch. Overall status Vulnerable means that your Windows devices have all critical patches installed, but some of the devices are missing a patch with lesser severity. Excellent means that all Windows devices are fully patched.

Patch deployments within 14 days

This widget shows the number of patch deployments within the last two weeks.

Released patches for Windows devices

This widgets shows the total amount of patches released during the selected time frame. Notice that you can adjust the time frame. Click on the Show report to see which of those patches are applicable to your devices.


Patching status of a single Windows PC

You can analyze the patching status of a single Windows PC at: Management > Patches > Status by device as depicted in the below picture.


You can open up a device for closer analysis by double-clicking on it, or by clicking the arrow button on the rightmost end of the row.


Action log shows you when Miradore has installed or tried to install patches to the device. Hover you mouse pointer over the "Completed / Failed" text to see further details.



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