Enable Supervised mode on iOS device using Apple Configurator


Supervised mode gives greater control over iOS devices owned by a company and enables additional device configurations and features. By default, iOS devices are not supervised but the Supervised mode can be set up to a new device using Apple DEP or Apple Configurator. This article explains shortly how to prepare device for supervision with the Apple Configurator.

1. Connect iOS device with Mac and if needed, confirm from the device that the computer can be trusted.

2. When a phone is available on Apple Configurator, click it, press Prepare from the menu to start the preparation and define a needed configuration settings:

  • From the dropdown, choose to prepare with a manual configuration. Check the option "Supervise devices" to get the phone supervised and allow devices to pair with other computers. From this step you can also add the iOS 11 devices to Apple DEP, if wanted. 
  • From the next step choose "Do not enroll in MDM", since the enrollment is done later on.
  • Set up an organization or assign the existing one. The organization is shown to the user as supervising the device.
  • Generate a new supervision identity for the computer if there isn't any.
  • Configure iOS setup assistant. You can define which steps are shown to the user when setting up the device.

3. Press Prepare and erase the phone in order to set the factory settings to it.

 Now the phone is ready to be enrolled to Miradore.

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