Troubleshooting Android application deployment


In some cases, installing applications on Android device might fail or get stuck into the status "In progress". When you meet issues during the application deployment, there are some general things that can be checked first, in order to start troubleshooting the cause.

If the application deployment fails, go to the Miradore Action log view and check the status details of the application deployment. Some possible reasons for the failure:

  • There is no user defined for the device and that's why there isn't managed Google account. The managed Google account is required for the managed Google Play application deployment.
  • Application has updated permissions which need to be approved.
  • Application is country restricted and the device location is wrong. See more information from here.

When the application deployment seems to get stuck:

  • Make sure that the adequate space is available for the application(s) to install.
  • Check that the device has proper network connectivity. Sometimes, in order to the installation to work, rebooting the WiFi device is needed.

If these device-related things are fine, you may still consider some aspects.

Managed Google Play applications

  • One of the most common reasons for deployment issues is that the application is already on the device. This is possible, especially, if the option "Keep system applications" is chosen during device enrollment. In this case, application deployment is not able to turn the existing application as a managed application. You can try to remove the installed application manually.
  • Managed account (Work profile) is missing from the device.
  • Sometimes the terms and conditions of the Play Store or the application might change. Accept the terms and conditions, if needed.
  • Ensure, that Google Play Store and Google Play Services are excluded, when data saver is enabled on the device.
  • The actual application installation process is done between Google and the device. If there is a delay, it is usually on the site of Google and at the moment there is no tool in Miradore to monitor this connection.


  • Verify that there are no issues with the APK file by installing the application manually on the device. You can do this via USB connection, with the APK used in Miradore application deployment. In some cases during the manual installation, you might receive an error message giving you some more information about the problem.

Play Store application

  • User has not accepted installation request on the device.


If the issue still exists after troubleshooting, please contact to Miradore support

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