Retiring a device


This article describes what does it mean to retire a device and how to do it in Miradore. Retirement is a way to remove a device from the active use. 

What happens when a device is retired:

  • The status of the device is changed from active to retired.
  • Retirement triggers the unenrollment of the device from Miradore.
  • If there are actions for the device in queue, all except the security actions are cancelled.
  • Retired devices don't need licenses in Miradore.

Instructions how to retire a device in Miradore

1. Go to the Devices page on Management > Devices or to a device form from Devices page.

  • On the Devices page, choose the device you want to retire and click the dropdown button Lifecycle to select Retire action.
  • In Device form, click the Lifecycle dropdown button to select Retire action.


2. It is also possible to retire devices via API by choosing the method DELETE under the Device item. The device id is required as a parameter.

  • DELETE https://<sitename>{id}


Administrators in Miradore can see retired devices from Company >Retired devices. After the retirement the device information is available on the page, as well as the information who has removed the device and when. Note, however, that removal history information is not available to the devices deleted from Miradore before May 2019.

If there is a need to reactivate a managed device, you have to re-enroll it to the system. For other devices there is a Re-activate button on the device form.

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