New Miradore UI


New redesigned Miradore user interface is now clearer and simpler to navigate. With the updated user interface we want to offer our users more logical and compact platform to manage organization's technology assets. The familiar features of Miradore are now much easier to access. Main changes on the UI are reorganization of the navigation menu, improved grouping of the actions and navigation with breadcrumb.

Structure of the new Navigation menu

  • Home contains the tools for reporting and analytics, including a map and the setup guide.
  • Enrollment menu contains the features related to a device enrollment.
  • Management menu includes the tools for performing the operative management actions.
  • Company menu lets you manage the company-wide attributes like users, locations, organizational units and device categories.
  • System contains the features to adjust the settings and subscription of your Miradore environment.

New pages and terminology changes

  • Android Enterprise page is new page intended for Android Enterprise related Work Managed Device provisioning.
  • Enrollment log is a new name for the page which was previously called Enrollment.
  • Attributes is a new page which now contains the company attributes that were earlier listed under the My company menu.
  • Retired devices is a new page under the Company menu. It is only accessible for administrators who can see there devices that have been once managed with Miradore but which have been retired from use.

A  new place for the action buttons

The action buttons have been moved from the old Actions menu at the top of the screen which leaves more spaces for the page contents.


Actions are grouped logically under different buttons. Each page includes buttons from which you can launch the page specific actions. Some buttons have a dropdown menu and some are meant for a single action. Destructive actions have been marked with the red color. Grey, disabled, buttons can be activated by selecting one or more items from the page.

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