2019-01-17 Release Notes - macOS support


macOS management support

This service update adds support for managing Apple devices running macOS 10.7 and above with Miradore. Below you can find more information about the supported features.




Changes to Android device identification and device merge action

Miradore now uses Android ID as primary device identification method when enrolling new Android devices. This change affects legacy device administrator devices, and to some extent work profile devices.

Work managed devices (device owner) are still identified using hardware identifiers such as IMEI, Wi-Fi hardware address and serial number.

The reason for this change is that we have had numerous issues with devices that cannot report any valid hardware identifiers for identification:

  • Device doesn't have cellular radio and therefore doesn't have IMEI
  • Devices running Android 6+ which are not work managed devices can't report their correct Wi-Fi hardware addresses. 
  • Some devices are configured incorrectly from the factory and share the same serial number - we ignore some serial numbers as invalid (00000000,0123456789, etc.)

Downside of this is the fact, that Android ID changes after device factory reset, and same devices can appear twice after wiping the device. Therefore we have created a merge device action that you can launch from the device page. By using this action you can merge two matching devices together and avoid duplicates.


Enforce site-wide two-factor authentication

Administrators can now enforce two-factor authentication for all users on the Miradore site through the Infrastructure diagram. When enabled, all users must configure the two-factor authentication before they can access the site.


Other improvements

  • Added location history support. Administrators can use Miradore API to fetch location history from a single device. Also when expanding the map from the device page, administrators can define Start date and End date filters to show locations between defined time range.


  • Fixed character encoding issues when sending SMS enrollments.


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