How to deploy certificates


This article describes how to remotely deploy certificates to managed devices. If you're interested in certificate management, consider upgrading your site to the Enterprise Plan. See more in How to upgrade subscription for further information. Currently only iOS platform is supported.


  • Enterprise Plan subscription or trial.


How to upload a new certificate

Certificates must be uploaded to Miradore before they can be deployed to managed devices. Start by navigating to Mobile management > Files and certificates > Certificates where you can see the current list of uploaded certificates. Start the Add certificate action from the page action menu. Then just upload the chosen certificates into Miradore and press Add certificates to confirm.

If the uploaded certificates are protected with a password you must enter the password that was used when exporting these certificates.



How to deploy certificates

After certificates have been uploaded you can start the deployment. Navigate to Mobile management > Devices and choose the desired devices. Then start Deploy certificate action from the page action menu.

Choose the desired certificates and press Next to proceed to the confirmation step. Then press Deploy to confirm the deployment.

You can monitor status of the deployments from Mobile management > Action log or by opening certificate page Deployments tab.

All successfully installed certificates are also visible on the device page.



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