Restrictions for macOS


Restriction configuration profiles are described thoroughly in the About restrictions article. It explains how to configure and deploy restrictions for managed devices, and also how the restrictions can be lifted.

This article focuses on introducing what restrictions are supported for Apple macOS devices and whether there are any platform-specific requirements for the use of restrictions.



Restriction configuration profiles can be applied to all Apple macOS devices that are managed with Miradore.  Restriction configuration profiles are available in the Miradore Business and Enterprise plans. The restriction configuration profiles are not included in the Miradore Free plan.


Available restrictions

Below you can find a list of all restrictions supported on the Apple macOS platform. Tab names are underlined.
Deny Camera
Defines if camera devices are disabled from the device. Users won't be able to use, for example, Photo Booth app with built-in web camera.
Deny Game Center
Defines if users are denied to configure Game Center accounts.
Game Center: Deny adding friends
Defines if adding friends to Game Center is denied.
Game Center: Deny multiplayer gaming
Defines if multiplayer gaming is denied.
Deny iTunes file sharing
Defines if iTunes application file sharing services are denied.
Deny Safari auto-fill
Defines if Safari auto-fill is denied.
Device functionality
Deny AirDrop
Defines if AirDrop is denied.
Deny content caching
Defines if content caching is denied. Available in macOS 10.13 and later.
Deny definition lookup
Defines if definition lookup is denied. Users can’t double-click to search for a word’s definition. Available in macOS 10.11.2 and later.
Deny Dictation
Defines if use of dictation input is denied.
Deny Handoff
Defines if users are denied of using handoff clipboard.
Deny Internet search results in Spotlight
Defines if Spotlight won’t return any results from an Internet search.
Deny music service
Defines if music service is disabled and Music app reverts to classic mode. Available in macOS 10.12 and later.
Force delayed software updates
Defines if the user visibility of Software updates are delayed (seed build updates will be allowed without delay). Available in macOS 10.13 and later.
Software update delay time (1-90 days)
Allows the admin to set how many days Software updates on the device will be delayed. Device user will not see a Software update until the specified number of days have passed after the release date. Supported values are 1-90 days. Available in macOS 10.13.4 and later.
Security and Privacy
Deny auto unlock
Defines if macOS auto unlock is denied. Available in macOS 10.12 and later.
Deny diagnostic data upload
Defines if the device is prevented from automatically submitting diagnostic reports to Apple.
Deny fingerprint unlock
Defines if fingerprint unlock is denied. Users must use a passcode to unlock the device. Available in macOS 10.12.4 and later.
Deny passcode modification
Denies device passcode from being added, changed, or removed.
Deny password auto-fill
Defines if users will not be able to use the auto-fill passwords features, and will not be prompted to use saved passwords in Safari or apps. Available in macOS 10.14 and later.
Deny password proximity requests
Defines if the device will not request passwords from nearby devices. Available in macOS 10.14 and later.
Deny password sharing
Defines if users cannot share their passwords with the Airdrop Passwords feature. Available in macOS 10.14 and later.
Deny wallpaper modification
Denies changes to the wallpaper.
Deny address book
Defines if iCloud address book services are denied.
Deny bookmarks
Defines if iCloud bookmark sync is denied.
Deny calendar
Defines if iCloud calendar services are denied.
Deny desktop and documents
Defines if iCloud desktop and document services are denied. Available in macOS 10.12.4 and later.
Deny document sync
Defines if document and key-value syncing to iCloud is denied.
Deny keychain sync
Denies keychain synchronization to iCloud. Available in macOS 10.12 and later.
Deny mail
Defines if iCloud mail services are denied
Deny notes
Defines if iCloud notes services are denied.
Deny Photo Library
Defines if iCloud Photo Library is denied. Any photos not fully downloaded from iCloud Photo Library to the device will be removed from local storage. Available in macOS 10.12 and later.
Deny reminders
Defines if iCloud reminder services are denied.

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