What is MSP Portal and how it helps me?


Are you a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or an IT service provider delivering device management services to multiple organizations with Miradore? If so, the MSP Portal is the best way to manage your tenants.

The MSP Portal is a central location to view and manage many customer instances of Miradore. It is specifically designed to help service providers to serve their customers more efficiently.

Key features and benefits

Quick access to managed sites

There is an easy access button, for each of your Miradore sites in the MSP Portal, that takes you straight to the site if you need to do or check something in there.

Better visibility into your customers

The MSP Portal enables you to see all your Miradore customer instances in one place. It shows you basic information about the sites, including the number of managed devices, the subscription level and payment method for each tenant and also a list of site-specific user accounts and their permissions.

Centralized user management

The ability to see site-specific user accounts in one place adds transparency and results in improved security. You can also manage the user roles for the associated Miradore sites through the MSP Portal. Invite new administrators to sites, change user roles or remove access when it's no more needed.

Configuration profile templates

The MSP Portal makes it easier to repeat and scale services. For example, you can copy-paste device configuration profiles from site to site through MSP Portal which results in time savings as you don't need to re-create the configuration profiles for each customer site separately. This also helps you avoid human errors in preparing the configuration profiles.

Does it cost something?

We're offering the MSP Portal without additional cost to customers who have at least one Enterprise Plan site in Miradore.

How to get started

If you are interested in using the MSP Portal, please refer to Getting started with the MSP Portal article for instructions.

Please send comments to contact@miradore.com.