2018-03-22 Release notes - Android minor improvements


Remove managed Google Play account

You can now remove managed Google Play account from managed Android devices or profiles. Generally you should keep the number of devices and accounts for each Miradore Online user quite small to not trigger Google's abuse checks.

In case of an account expiration (which causes the app deployments to stop working), you must remove the managed Google Play account on the device, change the device user (in Miradore Online) and re-create the managed Google Play account. Account can be removed using "Remove managed Google Play account", available in devices list or device page.

This requires the Miradore Online Client 2.6.9 or later to be installed in the device. For work managed devices, you can update the client using "Update client" action.



Support for device variables in Android managed app configuration

In addition to user-specific variables, we now support the device-specific variables for Android managed app configurations. This can be used for example to set IMEI or serial number as Exchange Active Sync device identifier for managed Gmail account.

Supported variables for Android are:

  • Serial number
  • IMEI
  • MAC address
  • Android ID

These will be deployed for each device with the app installed when running "Apply application configuration and policies" or automatically when application is reported to be installed by the device.

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