Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment


Miradore is compatible with Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) which provides IT administrators a streamlined way to enroll Samsung devices in an MDM/EMM solution without having to manually enroll and configure each device.

Benefits of using Samsung KME

  • KME simplifies the initial setup and enrollment of Samsung devices especially when a company requires bulk device enrollment with little configuration variance amongst the devices deployed.
  • KME makes device enrollment easy for device users, because they're not required to do a thing. Once they receive the device and power it on, the device automatically configures itself according to the settings provisioned by the enterprise via Miradore.
  • KME-enrolled devices cannot be tampered with. Even if a KME-enrolled device is factory reset, the Miradore Client will be re-installed once the device is powered on and connected to a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network again.

KME requirements

The following table is Samsung's general guideline on Knox software support requirements.

Knox version 2.4 2.4.1 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.7.1 2.8 2.9
KME enrollment via NFC
Out of box enrollment (Wi-Fi)
Out of box enrollment (4G/LTE)      
Factory reset protection/Bypass skip setup wizard          
Knox configure + Knox Mobile Enrollment same device compatibility            
Knox Mobile Enrollment with Device Owner mode support            


Here's how to link Samsung KME with Miradore

Here's how to connect the Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollment to Miradore.

Note that devices enrolled to Miradore through KME can only be used in Device Owner Mode. If you wish to use Work Profile, there is a different way to enroll devices.

1. Log in to Miradore and go to the Enrollment > Android Enterprise page. Choose Actions > Download Knox Mobile Enrollment configuration from the page toolbar to download the Knox Enrollment JSON template to your computer.


2. Log in with the Samsung KNOX Enrollment account and select KNOX Mobile Enrollment.

 3. Create a Device Owner profile

  • Pick your MDM: Choose "Other".
  • MDM Agent APK:
  • Click Continue.


4. Copy the contents of the JSON file you downloaded from Miradore and paste this into "Custom JSON Data (as defined by MDM)". Remember to Save.




5. Now you can assign this new MDM profile to those devices via "Devices" in the menu available on your KME account.


6. After you assign the MDM profile, everything is set up for enrolling the device to Miradore via KME, this is done from the "Welcome screen" before the device is set up if the device has been used already, it must be factory reset first.

The device must have access to the internet during enrollment, either via WiFi or unlocked SIM card with data, otherwise it will not be enrolled via KME.


Additional information

For more information about KME, check Samsung's website.

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