Apple VPP and Apple Business Manager

When a company has migrated from VPP and DEP to Apple Business Manager, each admin is offered a choice to transfer application licenses from his VPP account to one of the locations in Apple Business Manager. If the admin transfers the licenses, VPP token that is downloaded from Apple VPP is still able to connect to Apple VPP, but it can't find any application licenses or applications.
To be able to use those application licenses assigned to a location, location-specific token must be downloaded from Apple Business Manager location and replaced to Miradore site - not the one downloaded from VPP site or Legacy token from Apple Business Manager.
Link below is about school manager, but same applies to Business Manager.
If the admin doesn't transfer licenses to the location, but keeps those linked to his own account, only account-based token downloaded from VPP or legacy token downloaded from Business Manager can be used to get those licenses and applications.

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