Secure email for iOS


This article describes Miradore's Secure email configuration profile that can be used to deploy secured exchange accounts and an email container to your managed iOS devices. When the configuration profile is deployed, Miradore Secure email application will be installed from the App Store to the target devices. Upon the first launch, end-user must complete the setup by entering the mail account password and setup the password or PIN code for the application, if required by administrator. This user-generated password is requested each time the application is started.



  • Active Enterprise Plan subscription or Trial
  • License enabled for Secure email application. If you're interested in deploying secure email containers to your iOS devices contact our support and sales team.


How to deploy Miradore Secure email to iOS devices

First you need to create a new configuration profile and define the exchange settings that are sent to the device. Start by navigating to Mobile management > Configuration profiles and start the Create configuration profile wizard from the Actions menu on the right. See Creating a configuration profile for more details.


Secure email settings

The available Secure email configuration profile settings are described below.

Server host name
Defines the Mail for Exchange server host name. For example,
Notification type on notification center
  • Disabled
  • Sender
  • Sender and Subject
  • Sender and subject with email preview
  • Number of unused emails
  • Real push 
Support email address
Used to configure custom support email address in the application. If not configured, Miradore support email is used.
Enable caller identification
Enables caller identification using contacts from the mail account, even without exporting accounts to general device accounts. After installation, the Secure email application must also be manually enabled as caller identification source in the iPhone settings under Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification.
Allow users to export contacts
Defines if users are allowed to export contacts from Miradore Secure email to phone contacts.
Allow users to open files in external apps
If defined, files from Secure email application can be opened in other applications as well
Passcode type
  • PIN  - PIN code is required
  • PIN or password - PIN code or passcode is required
  • Password - Password is required
  • None - No application password is required
Minimum length
Password or PIN code minimum length 
Maximum number of failed attempts
Number of failed authentication attempts after which the application is reset.
Allow Touch ID authentication
Defines if Touch ID can be used as app authentication method.
Session timeout (minutes)
Defines the time limit (in minutes) of user inactivity, after which Miradore Secure email app is locked automatically. This is also the time limit for locking the application if it's suspended to background. Please note that if the option Logout on suspend has been set, app is locked immediately when it's suspended to background. The default value is 5 minutes.
Logout on suspend
Defines if Miradore Secure email application is locked immediately when suspended to background. The user is asked to enter the his/her application password/pin code when re-opening the application.
Deny application data backup to iCloud
Defines if application data backup to iCloud is denied.
Deny copy paste
Used to deny copying text from the application.
Allow advanced logging
Allows advanced logging for the application, for diagnostics.
Disable SSL verification
If set all TLS/SSL certificate issues are ignored by Secure email application.


Error: A network error occured. A possible cause is a missing internet connection. please check it and try again. of the problem persists, please contact support. (SUP103)
Description: If your email server requires TLS/SLL verification, be sure that the option "Disable TLS/SSL verification" is NOT checked in the Secure email configuration profile.

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