Activation Lock for iOS devices


Activation Lock is Apple's security feature that is purposed to prevent anyone from using a lost or stolen iPhone or iPad without knowing the device user's Apple ID and password. Even if the device would be erased, Activation Lock continues to deter anyone from using the device.

Activation Lock is available on devices running iOS 7 or later.




Control the use of Activation Lock

Enterprise Plan users of Miradore can use the Activation lock configuration profile to control the use of the Activation Lock feature on Supervised iOS 7.1 or newer devices.



Use of the Activation Lock is allowed on Miradore-enrolled iOS devices by default, but it can be denied using the configuration profile. If you want to deny use of the Activation Lock, make sure to uncheck the Allow activation lock check box before deploying the configuration profile to devices.


Good to know

The use of the Activation Lock cannot be prevented using the configuration profile if the device user has already enabled the Activation Lock for his/her device using Find my iPhone/iPad.

If your devices are not Supervised, but you're interested in using this configuration profile, see enabling Supervised mode with the Apple Configurator. You can also supervise devices by enrolling them to Miradore through Apple Business Manager (previously Apple Device Enrollment Program).


How to bypass the Activation Lock

Sometimes it can happen that you find yourself with an Activation Locked device. Usually this happens when the previous device owner leaves the company and forgets to unlock the device for you.

In situations like this, you can unlock Miradore-enrolled and supervised devices using the bypass codes that Miradore stores on the Device page.


Just enter the bypass code to the password field and leave the Apple ID field empty when the device asks you to sign in with the Apple ID that was used to set up the device.

You can also deactivate the activation lock through the Security > Disable activation lock button on the Device page. When you do this, Miradore server contacts to Apple's Activation server with proper device identifiers disables the activation lock.




You can track the status of the action by opening the Action log tab on the device page. It may be necessary to tap Back on the device before being able to proceed with the activation, i.e. the device notices that activation lock has been disabled.


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