2016-12-14 Release notes


Play alarm sound for Android

Added possibility to remotely play an alarm sound on the devices in Miradore that can be used to find lost devices when their approximate location is known, i.e. the device is somewhere in the room or building but don't know where.

Currently only Android platform is supported. Alarm sound stops when users react to the received notification or automatically after ringing for one minute. Volume of the device is set to the maximum level and restored to original settings when alarm sound stops.

See more in documentation.


iOS lost mode location tracking

Added possibility to enable location tracking when lost mode is enabled on supervised iOS devices. This helps to find and secure lost company assets.


When enabled, the device starts to report its location to Miradore and the map is updated during each connection. You can run Update location or Sync now action to force the location update.

Location tracking is automatically disabled when the device is found and lost mode is removed. The raw location data can be seen from the device inventory.


See more in documentation.


Minor improvements and bug fixes

In addition, this service update contains multiple minor improvements and bug fixes:

  • Possibility to send messages to multiple devices at once. Added Send message action to the Devices page and My reports.
  • Currently active web restrictions are now collected to the iOS device inventory and can be seen from the Device page > Inventory tab.
  • Added Device count column to the Users page.
  • Fixes to the Notifications user-interface that could previously crash when clicking unread notifications.

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