Lost mode for iOS


This article describes Miradore's lost mode security action for iOS that can be used to secure and find managed devices when they are lost or stolen. When lost mode is enabled on a device, the device is locked and can't be used until the device is found and lost mode is disabled by the administrator.


  • Available in iOS 9.3 and later. Requires that devices are Supervised. The most convenient way to get devices into Supervised mode is to enroll them through the Apple Device Enrollment Program.


How to enable lost mode

The simplest way to enable lost mode on an iOS device is to open the device page. Start by navigating to Management > Devices and choose the desired device. Click the open icon or double click the row to open the device page.

Choose the Enable lost mode action under the Security button.


Define the lost mode settings. You can enable location tracking for the device using the provided check box. The location tracking gets automatically disabled if the device is found and the lost mode is disabled.




Required. Defines a message which is shown on the lock screen.

Phone number

Optional. Defines a phone number which is shown on the lock screen in order to contact the device owner.


Optional. Defines a footnote which is shown on the lock screen.


When you're done with the configuration press the Enable lost mode button to lock the device into MDM lost mode.


When lost mode has been enabled successfully, you'll see an information banner on the device page. Press Disable lost mode to remove the lost mode from the device so that the device can be used again normally.



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