Web clips for iOS


This article describes Miradore's web clip configuration profile for iOS. This configuration is available only for customers with the Enterprise Plan.


What does the web clip configuration profile do?

The Web clip configuration profile allows an administrator to create Web clips (i.e. web bookmarks) to the home screen of a target device. The web clip can point to a web page or a web app and the target will be launched in the device web browser when the end-user taps it.


How to deploy a web clip configuration to a device

First you need to create a new configuration profile and define the web clip settings. Start by navigating to Mobile management > Configuration profiles and creating a web clip configuration for iOS. See Creating a configuration profile for more details.

Web clips have two mandatory settings: Label and URL.


The icon is optional. The custom icon must be in PNG format. The maximum size of the icon is 180 x 180 pixels, and the maximum file size is 100 KB. If a custom icon is not uploaded, a default icon provided by Miradore is used.

Notice that web pages might have unique icons, also known as favicon, which are most often found in the address bar of the web browser. When user enters to the URL via web clip, the favicon replaces the icon uploaded from Miradore, if existing.

There is also an option of whether the web clip is removable. This defines whether the end-user can delete the web clip or not.

When the configuration profile is deployed to a device, the web clip will appear on the home screen without any user interaction required. Changing the configuration and updating it to devices will modify the existing web clips accordingly.

Please note: If you have whitelisted any apps, you also need to whitelist com.apple.webapp in order to make Web clips to be visible on your devices.


How to remove deployed web clips

Web clips can be removed by removing the deployed configuration profile from the device. This can be done by opening the device page and clicking the trashcan icon in Configuration profiles table. See Removing deployed configuration profiles.


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